ABCT 55th Annual Convention: Drs. Asarnow and Zullo to Present on SAFETY-A and Lock and Protect™

Drs. Joan Asarnow and Lucas Zullo will be presenting at the upcoming Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 55th Annual Convention in November. Dr. Asarnow will present on SAFETY-A and reducing disparities in linkage to aftercare for racial and ethnic minorities at risk for suicide. SAFETY-A is an evidence-based, family-focused crisis treatment for youths with depression or suicidality. Dr. Zullo will present on the development of Lock and Protect™, our web-based lethal means decision aid for parents and caregivers. Lock and Protect™ aims to improve lethal means counseling for parents and caregivers of youth at risk for suicide. Stay tuned to hear more about the conference in November.

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