New Podcast Interview: Joan Asarnow, PhD, on Positive Suicide Screens in Pediatric ED Patients

Dr. Ilene Claudius, MD, FACEP, interviewed ASAP Center director, Dr. Joan Asarnow, on an effective approach to caring for pediatric patients who screen positive on a suicide screening tool without acute suicidality. Dr. Asarnow describes our ASAP Center’s evidence-based and family-focused approach to safety planning for reducing future suicide attempts: SAFETY-Acute (A). The podcast interview was produced by the Emergency Medical Services for Children Innovation and Improvement Center (EMSC) Innovation & Improvement Center as part of a new resource, Pediatric Education & Advocacy Kit (PEAK): Suicide. Interviewer Dr. Claudius is Chief of the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine in the Department of Emergency Medicine, a division specializing in pediatric emergency care and serving approximately 25,000 patients per year, including pediatric trauma patients.

Click this link to listen to the podcast and learn what to do after a positive screen for suicide risk.

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