Self-care Helps Us Care for Others

We hope that you and your families are healthy and staying safe. In one way or another, we are all affected by the current COVID-19 situation and this week we expand on our tips for getting through these challenging times. Click here for our tip sheet. Check back weekly as we expand on tips and provide updates!

Taking care of yourself is a priority. If you are not doing well, you will be less able to help your children or others through this challenging period.

1. Schedule self care and breaks. Set aside a specific time to care for yourself each day. A cup of tea, cooking a new recipe, or a phone call with a friend go a long way.

2. Build a routine with some fun in it, schedule activities that improve your mood. Remember to enjoy what you can! Start your day with a funny joke, video or listen to uplifting music. Check out this uplifting virtual performance.

3. Do it “mindfully”. Focusing on an activity can give you a break, help you let go of tensions, and focus on just one thing in the moment. While minds tend to drift to judgmental or stress-related thoughts, if this happens try to notice the thoughts without judging, and bring your mind back to the activity. Please click to learn more about mindfulness and for free guided mindfulness exercises.

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